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like zero-commuting, pollution-free              teams won’t be productive without the
               lifestyle and enhanced flexibility.              right resources, technology and
                                                                support. A team of hybrid employees
               At the same time, some individuals may           requires efficient messaging apps, video
               deem working from home to be tough               conferencing platforms, common cloud
               due to seamless and long working                 storage for files and documents along
               hours, the inability to recuse oneself           with a decent Wi-Fi / data connections.
               from official calls during odd hours and         The onus will lie on employers to
               increased pressures of parenting and             ensure equal opportunities.
               managing household chores, not to
               mention the absence of peer-bonding              Transcending geography for skilled
               and office camaraderie. Yet, with the            talent: With site and geography
               pros overcoming the cons, we see this            becoming irrelevant in the era of
               model eventually shaping up the future           remote working, digital nomads are
               workplace.                                       choosing to work from their preferred
                                                                locations – be it their hometowns, the
               As companies look at re-opening                  beach-side haven or the quaint home in
               offices, we will also see hot-desking            the hills, while efficiently meeting all
               with limited capacity and social                 deliverables as per set expectations.
               distancing being adopted at large. In a          Occasional trips to the actual
               country like India, especially Mumbai,           workplace, either limited to once a
               where people live in limited spaces and          month or only for crucial meetings, will
               lack privacy or basic workstations, the          help sustain the human touch.
               onus will be on organisations to
               provide the right infrastructure and             Employers will look beyond geography
               create an appropriate environment for            and focus on skill-based talent scouting
               employees. Technology will continue to           to get the work done efficiently and
               be a key component of this endeavour.            effectively. This will also expand the
               Beyond technology, companies may                 canvas for sourcing talent, with the
               even consider taking up seats in co-             hunt for the right candidate
               working spaces to enable employees               transcending even national boundaries,
               while keeping expenses in check.                 and will have a huge impact on the
                                                                quality of talent the organisation can
               Covid-19 has put various sectors and             have access to, as well as the cost.
               industries in a reset or restart mode,
               and has emerged a catalytic force in             Emphasis on agile behaviour,
               altering the work culture, inspiring HR          adaptive mindset: HR teams will mine
               leaders to reimagine the future of work.         talent with the ability to change course
               In doing so, these are the key                   basis shifting consumer and market
               determinants that are emerging as the            trends. The preference will be for
               pivots of change:                                candidates who are willing to
                                                                experiment more, and are quick to
               Hybrid teams and workstations:                   comprehend what is working or what is
               Hybrid team structures will be the               not, while being frugal and adaptive.
               future with offices limiting capacity or         That apart, it has also become more
               having employees come into the office            important than ever to reskill existing
               on specific days or for shifts. The              employees to enable them to do more
               employee may be offered autonomy to              in order to seamlessly move them from
               choose how, where, and when they                 one business or project to another,
               work best. However, these hybrid                 should the need arise. This could lead to
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