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another shift – working in small cross-          employee experience right from
               functional autonomous teams.                     onboarding to exit, to product demos or
                                                                it sales pitches, technology and tech-
               It is often in times of crisis that most         abled tool will grow in their influence
               innovation happens, and now                      on all facets of working.
               workplaces will increasingly encourage
               employees to think, explore and                  The Way Forward
               innovate. In-office brainstorming
               sessions may be replaced by                      Organisations thrive on a shared
               asynchronous brainstorming on a                  purpose and a cohesive work culture;
               digital whiteboard.                              these are the most important factors
                                                                that drive the best out of employees.
               Culture of empathy & trust: During               Going forward, senior leadership and
               times like these, empathy plays a                HR professionals will need to invest
               crucial role, with not just the leadership       mind-space and resources in recreating
               but the entire workforce having a duty           a culture and ethos that is compatible
               towards being inclusive, to                      with remote working. This shift will be
               accommodate and adjust to each                   across the spectrum – right from the
               other’s needs and limitations. There             induction of new recruits, through the
               will be a growing need to reach out to           employee life-cycle. Organisations that
               each other more often and initiate               efficiently negotiate potential road-
               conversations to strengthen mutual               blocks like compliance requirements,
               bonds as well as keep feelings of                data security and client privacy issues,
               isolation at bay, and HR professionals           while investing in building a robust
               will have to find ways to encourage this         tech-driven employee engagement
               conversation.                                    platform will stay ahead of the curve
                                                                and yield the dividends of a future-
               Stepping up investment in                        ready workplace.
               technology: This pandemic and remote
               working has triggered everyone to                One pressing question does remain –
               become more adept at technology.From             will technology be able to efficiently
               enabling employees to collaborate,               substitute the human touch? Only time
               connect and create, to redefining the            will tell.
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