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Pandemic has created a seminal moment

               in education evolution

               By Arpan Sheth , Lalit Reddy , Aditya Shukla

                                                                Even though most edtech products
                                                                are priced at a premium, this has
                                                                not deterred parents from adopting

                                                                Byju’s $300-million acquisition of
                                                                WhiteHat Jr. is a milestone in India’s
                                                                edtech space and the ascendance of
                                                                consolidation for a segment that can
                                                                transform the education sector. While
                                                                covid-19 forced institutions to explore
                                                                online teaching options, the accelerated
                                                                adoption of technology catalysed edtech’s
                                                                emergence, too.

                                                                India has over 330 million K-12
                                                                students—75 million of whom adopted
                                                                supplementary education. Our estimate
                                                                indicates another 30-40 million students
                                                                don’t have access to quality
                                                                supplementary education despite their
                                                                ability to afford it. Consequently, the
                                                                supplementary education market size is
                                                                about $15 billion with less than 5% digital
                                                                penetration. So, there is significant
                                                                headroom for edtech solutions to grow
                                                                and covid-19 has only expedited its

                                                                Alleviating some early, but critical
                                                                challenges, such as lack of trust and
                                                                efficacy of digital solutions in education,
                                                                edtech players like Byju’s, Vedantu,
                                                                Toppr and Unacademy gradually scaled
                                                                up their presence.

                                                                With students experiencing a notable
                                                                improvement in performance, there was a
                                                                steady increase in digital penetration of
                                                                education in India, even before covid-19.
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