Smart content – leveraging technology
for engaging content


Brands and businesses can leverage technology to create engaging content as part of their strategy to build a better customer experience.

Technology has been transforming the user experience in newer and better ways. As businesses continue to shift to digital-based platforms, customer interactions are evolving in ways that were inconceivable in the past.

At the same time, buyers have also evolved into digitally savvy shoppers who want more than just a product. They are seeking unique, informative and memorable experiences.

To tap into this trend, brands and businesses must leverage technology to build a content strategy that helps improve customer relationships and build awareness in more immersive ways. A digitally-driven engagement strategy is a given in today's dynamic and uncertain business environment. While it delivers a better customer experience, going digital also helps boost the bottom line.

Taking the digital road

Digital engagement is not just developing relationships with potential and existing customers using new age technology tools; it's a new way of thinking about customer engagement. Content becomes a vital component of this new strategic approach.

A good digital content engagement strategy needs to be built around the three C's:

  • Consistent: A consistent experience across various size screens or point-of-access locations
  • Compelling: This is achieved through content that is compelling and relevant
  • Contextual: Any digital experience must be designed taking into account the customers’ current context to be useful  


Making content visible

While creating good content is important, making it discoverable and getting it to the right audience matters, as well. Organisations can ensure the success of their content strategy by leveraging technology to reach the right audience. These can include:

Live chats
An essential engagement tool, live chats through automated chatbots ensure 24/7 availability. These leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and efficiently route customer inquiries.

Video for business
Video content
is the marketing tool of the moment, and a must for companies to thrive in the current business landscape. Videos are a really engaging way to showcase business to both existing customers and potential new ones.

Going social
Digital marketing
applications such as social media, mobile apps and email applications provide creative ways to engage with customers and gauge their interest.

Leveraging data
The strategic use of data intelligence and advanced analytics can provide a suite of benefits such as a clearer understanding of the customer journey, help identify bottlenecks and bounce triggers and insights about customers so as to turn casual shoppers into lifelong brand advocates. However, the best brands combine the use of data and technology with human insights to engage with their customers better.

Investing in the right technology makes a tremendous difference to businesses in today’s times, and can help generate sustained success. For this, it’s important that companies and brands reach out to an experienced content advisory to suggest ways they can invest in technology and create engaging experiences.

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