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Why choose TIC as your Internal Communications Agency?


Internal communication is the exchange of information between employees within an organization. However, far from being as simple as it sounds, most organizations struggle to communicate effectively with their own people. And yet, this function has never been more important than today with the workplace as we know it, changing into a remote and hyper-connected one. The impact of Covid-19 on the world has made employee engagement a critical part of an organization's internal communications strategy.

TIC is the employee communications agency of choice for some of India's biggest and best companies such as the Tata Group, the Aditya Birla Group and Mahindra & Mahindra to name a few. We are unique in offering integrated solutions to our clients with proven expertise in technology, content and design. Our organizational communications team has 20+ passionate experts focused on delivering effective communication products. We believe that a workplace where employees are engaged is a happy workplace; and a happy workplace is a more productive one.

Some of the services we offer in internal communications include:


Gone are the days of chaotic employee bulletin boards. The intranets designed and developed by us are sophisticated systems that manage business processes, share knowledge and bind employees together. Our highly skilled team executes secure, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions for corporate intranets with speed and expertise. We can provide design, development, content as well as maintenance for your intranet.

Tata World:

We launched the Tata Group's intranet in 2001 and today it is accessed by 3.2 lakh+ employees across the globe. We provide research, ideation, consultation, analytics, content, design and the software for

Mailers & Banners

While no one likes their inbox flooded with spam, emailers from your organization are still a great tool to reach your employees and keep them informed of company news. From HR policies to messages from leaders; Covid SOPs to upcoming events – we create mailers and banners for our clients that are designed and written for maximum impact.


Digital newsletters are another great medium to engage with your employees in an informative yet cost-effective way.

Mahindra Echo:

Echo is the Mahindra Group's weekly newsletter that reaches more than 250,000 employees across 150+ group companies in over 100 countries. Along with the client, we curate and craft the best stories for each weekly edition spanning across product launches, contest alerts, people stories and more.

Click to see our portfolio for more examples of newsletters.

Social Networking

In the age of social media, what better way to engage with your employees than on your very own social networking site? TIC provides ideas, interviews, analytics, content creation and design for sites like Yammer that is an enterprise social networking service by Microsoft for internal communications.

Sanofi India on Yammer:
We offer a mix of post topics like business updates, product launches, trivia and tips, activities like polls and contests across different formats such as infographics, Gifs and videos to keep Sanofi's employees regularly engaged.

Presentations & Case Studies

Creating interesting presentations and case studies is an art; one that we specialize in. From research to ideation, content and design, we leverage these highly effective content marketing tools to present detailed information including stats and other data to your employees in the most engaging way.


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