5 best insta hashtag strategies from the best


Hashtags are a great way to increase your Instagram followers. And if you have a proper hashtag strategy in place, it helps you reach the ideal audience for your brand. Some of the top Instagrammers and digital marketeers recommend these as must-haves in your Instagram hashtag strategy:

1. Relate – Do your research to find out which trending hashtags are popular with your target audience and whether they’re a good fit for your brand. Digital entrepreneur and top influencer Jeff Bullas recommends using tools such as a hashtag finder and generator.

2. Optimise – While Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, research says the optimum number of hashtags per post is 11. Even top brands do not utilise the maximum number of 30 hashtags, according to digital marketing influencer Ryan Deiss.

3. Analyse – Content marketing strategist Benjamin Chacon says looking at the performance of past hashtags is a great way to decide what to use in future. Instagram has its own analytics tool but for more detailed insights, there are other apps in the market. Here are Neil Patel’s suggestions.

4. Engage – Connect, interact, tag, ask meaningful questions and reply with thoughtful answers. In short, be social by adding your two cents on 9 trending posts under 10 relevant hashtags, is Gary Vee’s $1.80 Instagram Strategy.

5. Brand – Create a hashtag that is specific to your business and use it in every post. You can use a catchy phrase that can be updated to something new every now and then, suggests Larry Kim aka ‘Larry the Marketing Hack Artist’.

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