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The most valuable companies in the world are Apple, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft (with the order changing every now and then). Although this list is based on market capitalization, the companies are where they are because they also own highly valuable brands.

Brand equity is the perception of a brand by the consumer. Positive brand equity means that people think highly of that particular brand because it creates value and positive experiences for them. And companies with positive brand equity can charge a premium for their products and services because the consumer is willing to pay more, which in turn boosts the company’s value in the stock market.

Apple is a classic example of a brand with positive equity, says e-commerce giant Shopify in an article about brand equity. “The company built its positive reputation with Mac computers before extending the brand to iPhones, which deliver on the brand promise expected by Apple’s customers.”

According to Shopify, brand equity develops in a predictable model that starts with consumer awareness of the brand followed by recognition, trial, preference and finally loyalty.

So where would content marketing fit into this model? At the most important part – Step 1.

Make an impression

Most brands are introduced to their target audience through marketing campaigns. That’s why effective content across advertising, digital, social media or any other platform is essential to create a good first impression of your brand. In an article by Adobe titled ‘The 5 Values for Amplifying Brand Equity’, one of the values is Educational Content. “While the ultimate goal of content marketing is ultimately lead generation… educational value can infuse a brand’s tribe with inspiration and a shared sense of purpose.”

The ‘feel good’ factor

Another significant way content contributes to brand equity is by connecting with the right audience for that particular brand. “Successful brands achieve all of this by developing targeted content and disseminating it across a variety of mediums to ‘marry’ their company to their key audiences, creating emotional ties. That ‘feel good’ feeling is essential to brand loyalty and stickiness,” says a Forbes Council Member in a post he calls ‘More than a feeling: amplifying your brand’.

Connect and engage

Creating content that is engaging increases the time the user will spend on it, increasing brand awareness and ultimately converting to sales. Hence, engaging content is directly linked to amplifying brand equity. Take Google for instance. They take employer branding so seriously that even their ‘Work for us’ page is engaging. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they’re considered one of the most attractive employers in the world.

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