Why Case Studies and White Papers Build your Brand’s Success Story


All businesses, large or small, need to create content to tell their brand story to consumers. Whether as blogs or newsletters, videos or social media posts, when content marketing is executed effectively it not only creates an engagement between brand and consumer but can also generate leads that translate into growth for your business.

Two of the most popular and valuable forms of content marketing include case studies and white papers because of their informative and high-quality formats. In a strategy called the ‘content marketing funnel’, which moves people from product awareness initially to product satisfaction ultimately, case studies and white papers fit into the middle – where leads are converted into sales.

An article for ecommerce giant Shopify titled ‘ How to Generate Leads for Your Business Using Content’ says that “Sharing content in this format provides you with the contact information of all the potential customers who followed through on your call-to-action, therefore making them highly qualified leads.”

In exchange, the consumers get detailed information about your brand. If they choose to download your white paper, they will be provided with all the available facts and statistical data to prove how your product or service can solve a certain problem. This is where you can really stand out as a specialist in your field. Expert content strategist Contently lists 8 basic tips for writing an amazing white paper, which they consider more of an art than a science.

A case study on the other hand, is like an extended testimonial for your brand. It could also include stats and other data but is considerably shorter than a white paper. Showing how your product or service solved a problem in real life is what makes a case study such an effective content marketing tool. The most important piece of content you can create according to advertising honcho Craig Davis. He lists out the elements that take a case study from good to great in ‘The Anatomy of a Great Case Study’.

The Information Company (TIC) has been living and breathing content for more than two decades for some of India’s most iconic brands. To partner with us to write Case Studies and/or White Papers to build your brand’s success story, or for any other Content Marketing Services, get in touch.

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