Building Brand C-Suite through strategic communication


Effective messaging with external as well as internal stakeholders by senior leadership can yield rich dividends for their personal equity, and the organization

What do Ratan Tata, Anand Mahindra, Harsh Goenka, Uday Kotak, Ronnie Screwvala, Deepinder Goyal and Nithin Kamath have in common? Each of these captains of Indian industry have an A-list communications team. Supporting the country’s business leaders to establish - and maintain - a strong connect with their audience, the communication professionals ensure consistent and continuous release of sharp messaging and interaction with external as well as internal stakeholders. The communication experts not only help entrepreneurs and executives build a formidable reputation as thought leaders and corporate champions, but also as brand ambassadors of their organisations.

Back in the day, corporate communications was largely structured - sending out the quarterly results, managing the odd product launch and addressing the media queries. Today, in the era of X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram and online outlets, communication is a 24x7 responsibility – be it drawing the audience’s attention in a highly-concentrated media space or combating the backlash of a negative exposure. Moreover, modern media has emerged as a highly individualistic and personalised space, necessitating a face to the messaging. Who better to lend credence to an organisation’s impactful communication than its senior leadership team – the C-suite CMDs, CEOs, CMOs, CTOs and CFOs, with the team of communication experts supporting them through the exacting media cycle!

Brand Building

As much as the C-suite executives can be erudite and articulate communicators, their busy schedules and core business engagements would allow them little time – and mind space – to put together their thoughts. This is where the support of communication experts comes in. Be it a 280-character X tweet or a 3000-character LinkedIn post, a 800-word thought-leadership piece or a long form Annual Report note, the communication experts help the business leaders to transform a thought and a brief into well-written expression. Pertinently, it takes varying sensibilities and competencies to craft the messaging for different platforms, and a dedicated communications team is fully equipped to create a medium-specific nuanced copy that is consistent with the leader’s style and thought-process.

At a deeper level, the communications team works cohesively to create a distinct identity for the business leader in the public domain, as well as within the organization. The communications across the spectrum are aligned with the personality of the leader as well as the organization’s objectives to achieve the communication goals as well as build a personal brand. From social media posts and conventional media contributions for external audience, to e-mailers and newsletters for the internal audience, each messaging is astutely curated to build a narrative and ensure sustained impact.

Engage & Listen

With social media emerging as the modern-day networking space, it is imperative for senior leaders to not only have a presence, but also an impactful one; engage the audience, build trust and rapport with them by communicating, listening and responding. Effective communication enables sharing of key messages on behalf of the organisation, as well as attracting top talent and building relationships that can create new business opportunities. Communication that is authentic, original, rooted in values and considerate to the audience eventually strikes the right chord. A well-planned communication strategy and a competent execution team can help the leadership team seamlessly navigate the journey, evolving their brand value and communication over time.

Way Forward

Personal – and professional - branding is an ongoing process. One needs to regularly assess the value proposition and develop narratives that fit into the current context for continuous resonation with the audience. A C-suite leader, supported by a hands-on communications team, strategically tweaks the tone and tenor of the messaging to be well-received by the audience. Going beyond the realm of conventional media and social media, the business leader can include emerging platforms and formats such as blogs, podcasts, webinars and video interviews to share their vision, values and thoughts with a larger audience. With a committed communications team charting a strategic path, the C-suite leader’s brand value can yield rich dividends for the individual, and the organisation.


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