Your communication playbook for 2024 –
5 effective strategies for business success


It is the season of forecasting trends and we, at TIC, are geared up to lead the charge for setting communication trends and reaching new levels of success. In 2024, communication will be ‘Human-First’ – taking us back to communicating with human beings as human beings.

Here’s what foresee in 2024!

1. Human Intelligence (HI)

In 2023 we adopted AI. ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney and Gemini stirred a storm and we saw the rise of AI generated content. In 2024, we will go back to relying on human intelligence and create content that is human-first. Let’s remember that we are communicating with humans and that requires emotional intelligence. Our communication needs to reflect that we actually care about people. Let’s not take our users and readers for granted, they see through our words. AI is good for automation, let’s leave communication to humans.

What’s important:

  •  Sincere and authentic communication.

2. Getting real and candid on camera

In the past year, we have all warmed up to the idea of putting ourselves out there in some form or the other. We have been expressing ourselves and showcasing our ideas on blogs, podcasts and to some extent on video. 2024 is the year to show our faces. More leaders will face the camera and keep it real. Because trust us, it’s easier to build long-term connections and relationships when you put a face to words.

What’s important:

  •  Short-from video communication for leadership messages, company updates, training videos and other communication.

3. Thought leadership

Thought leadership is about leveraging expertise and insights to share knowledge and build trust to grow business. 2023 saw a surge in influencers, with LinkedIn becoming the personality platform. Influencers became thought leaders with hot-takes and insights that sparked our curiosity.

2024 will be the year for more insightful, knowledge-sharing from thought leaders, who offer original content that stands out. More individuals and organisations will drive their brand narratives through personality-driven thought leadership content.

What’s important:

  •  Personality-driven thought leadership content – videos, blogs, visuals

4. UX all the way

As digital transformation continues, our dependence on digital interfaces will only grow. And the one thing that makes an interface useful and successful is the user experience. Today, users are smart, discerning and want products that meet their functional needs and give them an enjoyable experience. In 2024, In 2024, we see more communicators opting to embed UX strategy and design into digital touchpoints.

What is important:

  •  A UX strategy for new products and websites design
  •  A user-centric approach to everything you do

5. Visual storytelling

In 2024, we are creatively illustrating for better visual communication. More brands will use doodles, quirky patterns and free flowing illustrations in bright colours to build connections with their audience. Branding is going to be fun this year. Get ready to see the town illustrated in red or blue, maybe yellow, or purple?

What is important:

  •  Highly creative forms of visual storytelling

At TIC, we are crafting fresh and effective strategies. Together, let’s buckle up for a year of communication that's not just on-trend – it's setting the trend!

Wish you all a happy and successful new year!

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