Post lockdown communication:
Getting BackOnTrack ahead of the curve


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Covid-19 and the lockdown knocked most companies on the back foot. There was a rush of communication to keep employees informed. Internal Communications and HR teams had to put a stream of mailers, videos, and other communications to make sure people were aware of Do’s and Don’ts on safe behaviour, on work-from-home guidelines, on safety processes at work, and much more.

All that is set to change as the lockdown rules are set to be revised. This time the need for effective communications is just as great. Consider this:

  •  There is uncertainty as to which districts, geographies, factories will open.
  •  Companies have to comply with guidelines on disinfecting premises and vehicles.
  •  There are guidelines on employee numbers and social distancing at work.

Compliance on post-lockdown guidelines will be critical to avoid the spread of the disease. Organisations will need to ensure that employees are safe while at work. It makes sense to start work on developing communication packages needed for this. A multi-channel approach will work best: Simple videos that inform employees on what they need to do to stay safe while commuting and in the workplaces. Emailers that reinforce the behaviour needed to keep the workplace safe. Motivational messages from leadership to get employees and operations back on track.

That is the essence of post lockdown communication. To help the organization get back on track with minimum confusion and maximum speed.

TIC’s BackOnTrack communication pack will simplify your post lockdown communication

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