Echo, Mahindra Group's Digital Newsletter


To revamp the Mahindra Group's weekly digital newsletter, Echo, in a fresh and user-friendly approach and create engaging content that reaches more than 250,000 employees across 150+ group companies in over 100 countries.



Echo is the Mahindra Group's only communication medium that reaches all of its two lakh employees. Hence, it was important that the newsletter conveyed important company related information clearly and in an engaging manner. Since Echo is not just published for the employees but also available online, it was important that the content appealed to internal and external audiences.


We transformed the one-pager static newsletter on the Mahindra Group's website into a full-fledged, interactive, mobile-first digital magazine using open source as the backend, featuring a contemporary design and came up with a new content strategy.

Keeping in mind that Mahindra Group's employees are largely millennials, we took a visual storytelling approach and chose a conversational tone while drafting the newsletter. We focused on creating visually striking designs and packaged the content in a crisp and clever manner.

We wrote content about awards won by the company, employee stories, annual board reports, sales numbers, town hall meetings and short blog posts. We created catchy infographics, opinion polls, star ratings, social features, contests and more.

We came up with content pegs such as 'Mahindra This Week,' which features latest news and updates from the Group, a 'Did You Know?' section that highlights interesting facts about Mahindra in an easy-to-consume and fun way, and a 'Leaders Speak' section that features messages from the senior leadership team.

Knowing that the newsletter has an external audience as well, we kept the content relevant and topical to what was happening around the world.


The launch of the new newsletter was well-received by the employees. The new format allowed employee interaction by hitting the like button and by sharing their thoughts in the comment section. Employee participation in contests increased and we also saw an increase in the number of employees who started reaching out to have their stories featured in the newsletter.

The newsletter won Platinum at the 2021 MarCom Awards under the 'E-Communication: E-newsletter' category.

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