Sanofi India's Internal Communication' platform


To create content for Yammer which keeps employees engaged and updated on company news.



Sanofi switched over from their intranet to Yammer, an internal communication tool and enterprise social network. This required reworking the communication strategy — the new content had to be attention grabbing and keep employees motivated since the shift happened during the pandemic.


We kept employee engagement at the centre of our content strategy. Knowing that visual and short- form content grabs attention, our graphic designers and content writers created posts, infographics, videos, GIFs and photo essays that are easy to consume.

To increase engagement in Sanofi's Yammer community, we created exciting activities such as polls and images where they had to spot the differences. To lift the employees' spirits during the pandemic, we shared stories of the challenges they were facing and how they overcame it. This provided a space for employees to share their pandemic-related coping techniques, their hobbies, and what working from home was like. We also wrote articles on tips related to working from home and how to have a better work-life balance.

To keep employees updated on company news, we attended Sanofi's virtual events and town halls, and created content pieces on awards won by the organisation, company initiatives, products and more. We also created videos around topical days such as International Women's Day.

Additionally, our designers created visually appealing designs for Sanofi's digital signage that were displayed across all floors at their office. The digital signage included information regarding recent workshops, seminars, change in management, events, and more.


After making the shift from text heavy articles to visual and short-form content, the viewership on Sanofi's intranet increased tremendously. The pandemic-related content helped employees stay connected with each other and provided a sense of community during a time of physical isolation. Employees started reaching out on their own to have their stories featured on Yammer. There was a rise in engagement with employees leaving comments on all the posts and participating in the activities.

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