Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. – CSR Compendium


Create a comprehensive compendium highlighting the diverse array of social benefit programs administered by Chambal Fertiliser's CSR division. This publication should meticulously document each initiative, providing in-depth insights into their scope, impact, and the tangible benefits accrued.



Creating a new and contemporary design that met the client’s exacting standards. This design also demanded the capability to effectively display a wealth of information for each initiative, ensuring clarity and accessibility throughout.


The process started with collating information provided by the client and writing a concise and impactful copy that emphasised key points. This copy was then adapted to a design option that seamlessly blended the use of infographics with a traditional layout. Images provided by the client were used to complement the copy and enhance overall engagement.


The diverse CSR efforts undertaken by Chambal Fertilisers was meticulously curated into a vibrant and uplifting coffee table book. This publication gave an insightful portrayal of Chambal's commitment to social responsibility and gained appreciation from all stakeholders.

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