PeopleActve, Tata Play's Internal Magazine


To edit content and create exceptional designs and layout for PeopleActve, Tata Play's monthly internal 12-paged digital magazine.



TIC has a long standing relationship with Tata Play and has been partnering with them since 2017. The challenge was to adapt the design and content of the magazine to match the changes that occur within the company over the years.


Over the period of our five-year partnership with Tata Play, they have gone through two logo changes which required revamping the magazine. Our designers created new designs and layout to match the new logo and brand colours. Our designs have evolved along with Tata Play's evolution over the years.

As a uniquely sized 10-inch magazine with only 12 pages, the content needs to be short, crisp and relevant. With the raw content provided by the client, our writers craft stories around latest news, announcements and meetings at Tata Play.

The magazine covers everything from competitions happening within the company to topical articles around days like Diwali, World Book Day, World Environment Day and more. For a 2019 edition of the magazine, we conducted 10+ personal interviews with the company leaders which was greatly appreciated by the client. Additionally, we also write catchy emailers that gets sent out with the magazine.

With gripping subtitles and crisp body copies from our writers and colourful and lively designs provided by our designers, we are able to put together a magazine that is enjoyed by all employees and adheres to the brand guidelines.


PeopleActve was well-received by Tata Play employees who actively participate and contribute towards the articles. Our content writing style and designs resulted in the creation of a top notch, highly engaged internal magazine and a long-standing client relationship with Tata Play.

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