Building Nudgepods by Godrej, a podcast platform for Godrej Industries

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A UX Study to build a podcast platform for Godrej Industries.

The client

The Godrej Group is among India's leading and most trusted brands. With revenues of over USD 4.1 billion and touching 1.1 billion consumers globally, the Group spans businesses that include consumer goods, security solutions, appliances, real estate, and agriculture, among others.

The brief

Elevate the Godrej Masterbrand by building an engaging podcast platform that shares valuable insights through engaging and thought-provoking conversations with various change-makers and industry experts. Create a content strategy that help the brand establish direct consumer communication and engage with a wide range of stakeholders, especially millennials and GenZ.

Ultimately, the platform should become a catalyst of change through conversations on everything from soaps to aerospace and offer an experience that was both technologically advanced and content rich.

The challenge

The primary challenge was building a platform that delivered a superior user experience to popular hosting platforms like Spotify. The new platform had to attract and engage a wide audience while giving them a reason to spend more time on the platform and explore different podcasts.

The platform also had to have an efficient backend with an equally superior user experience which would enable to the client to upload and distribute content with ease.

We also had to develop a robust content strategy and create podcasts that catered to the wide target audience of the platform.

Our approach

Our UX Design Strategy focused on user satisfaction was backed by a robust user study to deliver a product that the users would love to use and talk about.

We leveraged TIC's validated 5D framework to understand the needs of the different stakeholders. Primary research helped us uncover the needs of our target audience and stakeholders. Secondary research which included a benchmarking of popular podcast platforms took us one step closer to understanding the podcast consuming habits of different listeners. We identified browsing habits, technology and device preferences and content discovery patterns. Backed by our findings, we shaped the platform to match the real needs and habits of our users.


The user research revealed some fascinating insights like the preferred time of day for podcast consumption, methods of discovery and device preferences. These findings not only influenced the interface design of Nudgepods by Godrej but also played a pivotal role in shaping our content and promotion strategy.

Some interesting features:

  •   Content discovery: Our research revealed that most users prefer browsing podcasts by topics over using the search button. We designed the navigation with an unconventional twist, giving the user complete freedom to explore the content in a way they prefer. Nudgepods by Godrej boasts of an intuitive navigation where users can discover podcasts either by browsing topics or by browsing formats. The navigation also features a search bar enhancing the overall discoverability of the platform.
  •   Dark mode: Through our research, we discovered that evenings and nights are peak times for podcast consumption. With a focus on enhancing the user experience, especially during nighttime listening sessions, we implemented a dark mode feature. This addition allows users to comfortably enjoy podcasts in low-light environments, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing experience, day or night.
  •   Simplified sign up: Creating an account on the platform is a breeze, offering users the flexibility to sign up using their email ID or opt for a hassle-free registration through Google or Facebook. This user-friendly approach ensures a seamless onboarding process, allowing users to swiftly access the wealth of content Nudgepods has to offer.
  •   A robust player: Nudgepods by Godrej is a responsive and mobile first website with a robust player that was specifically designed to emulate an app-like experience. The design ensures that the users enjoy a rich listening experience without having to download an app. We also introduced a feature that allows users to preview podcast trailers enabling them to listen to a snippet and decide whether they want to listen to the entire episode. The player also facilitates quick actions pause, stop, and play directly from the phone's lock screen, enhancing user convenience and control over their listening experience.
  •   Clean UI: The platform also boasts of a clean and bright aesthetic to improve its visual appeal. This intentional design approach allowed us to place content at the forefront, minimizing the number of steps in content discovery and empowering users with complete control over their experience.

The impact

The client was delighted by the clean aesthetics and intuitive interface of the platform. NudgePods by Godrej continues to deliver value to the client by meeting their business goals and creating a positive user experience for its users.


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