Aditya Birla Group website

Project: Revamp the Aditya Birla Group Corporate Website


Create a website that reflects Aditya Birla Group’s values, ethos and ‘Big In Your Life’ persona. Showcase the Group’s future-forward, tech-savvy side while highlighting its compassionate approach towards stakeholder value creation and community building.



Creating a website that blends corporate values with brand messages for sectors ranging from cement and metals to fashion and apparel, entailed striking the right balance of design, content and messaging. The website also needed to meet current user experience expectations of communication and technology.


We took the approach of showcasing how the Group is big in consumers’ everyday lives. We narrated stories about the indispensable nature of Group’s brands and the reach of its community- building initiatives. Throughout the process, we were focused on showcasing the future-forward and innovation-led nature of the Group while upholding its values. The website was created in seven global languages to address stakeholders across the world.


The focus on wholesome user experience has resulted in high traffic levels and an engaged audience who is keen to know more about the brand and share its stories with others.


It's been a long and exciting ten-year journey with TIC. Team TIC inspires trust. From our smallest need to the more complex ones, Team TIC bends over backwards to delight us with solutions that are effective, creative and timely. The strategic thought, brilliant communication skills that your exceptionally sincere, capable and committed team brings to the table, makes working with Team TIC a pleasure.
Charu Gouniyal, Vice President, Corporate Communication, Aditya Birla Group

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