Design Dekko website

Client: Godrej Interio

Project: – An online community for architects and interior designers


Create a first-of-its-kind platform for the architect and interior designer community to network, engage and collaborate. The platform should be visual, functional, community-centric, drive conversations and enable businesses to grow.


Building a thriving community of niche audience (architects and interior designers) that allows exchange of ideas was a novel task. We had to understand the needs and motivations of a highly informed audience to design a platform that they would find interesting to use.


The best way to build a successful community is to ask the target audience what they want. We did a UI/Ux study. We conducted surveys and spoke to many seasoned architects and interior designers to understand what they expected from a community like this. The study helped us create a content, design and engagement strategy that excites the target audience and ultimately drives more engagement. We developed the site using open source technology.


A cross between LinkedIn and Instagram,, within a year of its launch, has a thriving user base with many professionals regularly contributing to guest blogs. Brand Design Dekko is now well known within the design community with an increasing number of professionals showcasing their work and benefitting from the platform. Design Dekko has an active social media presence too.

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