Thought leadership

Thought leadership content for corporates and leaders

Companies and leaders need original, authentic and high-quality content to showcase thought leadership in their respective areas. Thought leadership content is necessary to:

  •   Create authentic brand narratives
  •   Foster credibility
  •   Enhance brand differentiators
  •   Document success stories
  •   Build the personal brand of leaders

It is a valuable tool in the communication portfolio to convey key corporate messaging to stakeholders such as media, prospective employees, regulatory bodies, policy makers, etc.

Crafting Authority

TIC's expertise in creating brand evangelist content is sharpened by years of collaboration with India's top brands. Crafting thought leadership content with us goes beyond mere words. We delve into brand positioning, topic identification, and gather insights through research and interviews, ensuring every narrative stands out.

We create thought leadership content that includes authored articles, LinkedIn blogs, white papers, case studies, research reports, award applications, industry reports, investor communications, sustainability communications, speeches by CXOs, event coverage, and more.


The Information Company (TIC) has championed content creation for over two decades. Anchored in Mumbai, our capabilities are strengthened by seasoned journalists and adept writers who possess a nuanced understanding of diverse business sectors. This expertise has enabled us to collaborate with some of India's top business houses, weaving their brand stories with authenticity and passion.


At TIC, we don't just produce content; we co-strategize, design, and develop communication assets that align seamlessly with your business objectives. Our 4Di framework ensures that every content piece we craft meets its objectives and leaves a lasting impression.

Which is why TIC continues – year after year – to work with some of the most iconic and brands in India to tell their stories. Visit our portfolio for glimpses of how we partner well-known companies to create thought leadership content that meets their business and communication goals.

Here's an indicative list of the types of content we ideate and create:


A company's website is its digital beacon. We've collaborated with leading corporate entities to create thought leadership content around important topics such as ESG, Innovation, Customer-centricity, D&I, Sustainability, Social Impact, Purpose, Values, Culture, etc.

Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Trusts, Hindalco, IndiaFirst Life Insurance - these are just a few of the companies for which we have created authentic and high-level content.


TIC excels in crafting content that showcases the voice of a corporate brand as well as senior leaders and CXOs. Our authored articles have empowered senior executives to establish their thought leadership and foster meaningful connections. With over 20 years of experience, we bring a genuine business sense and communication expertise, authoring articles across diverse sectors.

We write 100+ authored articles for clients across industries such as automotive, aviation, chemical, consumer products, energy, engineering, IT, insurance, oil & gas, pharma, mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure.


Blogs serve as a dynamic platform for companies to engage with stakeholders, nurture enthusiasts, and educate newcomers. We curate and manage vibrant blogs and vlogs across sectors, be it entertainment or technology.

We help create and maintain the most exciting or intellectual blogs and vlogs for our clients spread across sectors – from ESG to entertainment to emissions or technology we do it all. Our prolificacy and expertise is evident, with nearly three dozen blogs crafted monthly.


Leaders frequently need to voice their ideas and insights for internal and external audiences – townhalls, media events, industry forums, etc. For internal communications, leadership communication for employees is key to building employee engagement and strengthening culture, values and cohesiveness. TIC conducts research to create talking points and help shape the tonality of the speech.


In today's digital age, data visualization is paramount. We transform content into data-centric, visually appealing infographics, ensuring information is both digestible and memorable. Our expertise aids clients in seamlessly integrating visual storytelling into their regular communication – thus ensuring that even complex topics like ESG and financial data is presented appealing. Our visual storytelling techniques are designed to engage, inform, and inspire, turning viewers into advocates for your brand.

Data visualisation, long infographics, illustrations, iconography-based storytelling – we create visual narratives that tell the story.


LinkedIn offers companies and leaders a platform to project their brand. TIC supports leaders to overcome challenges like time constraints, and helps to ideate and create articles that capture their insights and knowledge. We've assisted leaders in several major corlinkedIn-articles-powering-personal-brandsporates in articulating their vision to suit the LinkedIn format.


In the visual age, videos are the narrative medium par excellence. Our adept content writers craft scripts for diverse formats, ensuring the message aligns with the theme and pitch.

Collaborations include esteemed organizations like Hindalco, Arshiya, Polycab, Sterling & Wilson, Aditya Birla Group and Tata Sons.


Every story is unique, and as corporate storytellers, we bring them to life. Our methodical approach involves research, interviews, and field visits, ensuring authenticity. We write articles on a vast range of topics – from tech to taste, sustainability to solar energy, innovation to investments.

Our passion has garnered collaborations with giants like Tata Sons, Aditya Birla Group, Sterlite, RPG Group, and more – with stories presented online in the form of digital magazines, newsletters, website content, etc.


Effective investor communication is pivotal. With our vast experience, we understand diverse business sectors and their communication nuances. From integrated reports to sustainability narratives, our corporate storytelling ensures transparency and engagement.

Our portfolio boasts projects with industry leaders like Tata Chemicals, Cipla, Sanofi India and Tata Motors.


Events are more than just gatherings; they're experiences that leave lasting impressions. At TIC, we understand the nuances of creating content for events that resonates with attendees and leaves a mark.

Whether it's a product launch, corporate seminar, or a grand gala, our team crafts narratives that align with the event's theme and objectives. From compelling invitations and engaging presentations to memorable speeches and follow-up content, we ensure every touchpoint is impactful. We help you leverage your events for greater reach and impact. Partner with TIC to transform your events from mere occasions to shareworthy experiences.

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At TIC, our Thought leadership Content services are designed to help brands leverage their expertise to build credibility and strengthen their authority in the industry. With a dedicated team of writers and editors, we have successfully delivered several authored articles, LinkedIn blogs, white papers, case studies, award applications, industry reports, investor communication, sustainability communication, speeches by CXOs, event coverage, and more. Partner with us to weave authentic brand stories that build credibility.

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Gayatri Kamath
Chief Content Officer


A. Thought leadership content can enhance your brand and business by fostering credibility and trust with your target audience, strengthening brand reputation, driving engagement and website traffic, attracting potential customers, fostering innovation, and opening doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

A. An agency can help you in establishing thought leadership in your industry by creating a tailored content strategy, creation of high-quality thought leadership content, distribution across various channels, and comprehensive monitoring and analysis of campaigns to optimise performance.

A. You can assess the success of a thought leadership content strategy can by regularly tracking key metrics like website traffic, engagement (likes, shares, comments), leads generated, brand mentions, and conversions to gauge the performance of your content.

A. Establishing thought leadership is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort and commitment. While some immediate benefits, such as increased website traffic or engagement, may be noticeable early on, it typically takes time to see tangible results in terms of brand reputation, industry recognition, and lead generation. However, with a well-executed thought leadership strategy and ongoing investment in content creation and promotion, businesses can gradually build authority and reap the rewards over time.

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