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To create a global website for Rallis, a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, that would clearly communicate Rallis' product offerings, services and solutions to the stakeholders. The website should highlight Rallis' vision and mission of making farmers' lives better.


To efficiently collaborate with the different departments across Rallis for content, to create a website design that would still look relevant and young in the coming years and to have a good SEO ranking.


While it's no easy task to create a website with 300 webpages, our team at TIC efficiently used immersive design experiences, SEO-optimised content and images to create a user-friendly website with fresh imagery, a vast product catalogue, global content and easy navigation. Here's how we did it:

  •  Optimised content readability: Knowing that readability is one of the most important aspects of design, we created a website that wasn't text heavy. With smart spacing between headers, sub-headers and body text, we improved the readability and the flow of the content.
  •  Created an improved browsing experience by adding micro-interactions: We added micro-interactions on the website to create an engaging user experience. With subtle nuances such as small animations, text pop-ups and interactive images, we added life to the website and ensured that it was engaging.
  •  Designed a product catalogue that would appeal to the stakeholders: Rallis boasts a robust product portfolio which enables farmers to improve their productivity. To showcase Rallis' product offerings to stakeholders, we created a product catalogue of 250 products. We rewrote product descriptions, resized the images and created a call to action button for enquires related to the products.
  •  Maintained communication with various departments on the clients' side: With many departments on the client's side, we maintained efficient and regular communication to ensure we receive the raw content. With a brilliant team of content writers, webmasters and designers, we were able to collect, write and present the necessary information on the website. To ensure that the website is optimised to rank high on search engines, we used SEO-optimised keywords, descriptions, meta-tags and image alt-texts.


Our efforts resulted in a website with a friendly interface and a modern yet traditional design that was greatly appreciated by the client. The website gained more than 9,000 new users organically in just four months since the website went live.

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