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At The Information Company (TIC), we understand the importance of employee engagement as a critical part of an organization's internal communications strategy. Our team of 20+ passionate experts have been helping to increase employee engagement for some of India's biggest and best companies through effective internal communication campaigns. Let us do the same for you.

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Integrated Employee Engagement Services

Integrated Employee Engagement Services

Strategic and Creative Communication Campaign

Strategic and Creative Communication Campaigns

Expertise in Technology, Content and Design

Expertise in Technology, Content and Design

Employer Branding

Expertise in Employer Branding

Intranet Solutions

End-to-end Intranet Solutions

Award-winning Organizational Communication

Award-winning Organizational Communication


Mahindra Group

The Mahindra Group's 25th Anniversary Campaign reached 2 lakh employees

TIC crafted weekly stories on a wide range of topics such as governance, ethics, culture, legacy, sustainability, CSR and diversity & inclusion over a year-long global campaign to highlight the Mahindra Group's journey on their 75th anniversary. These stories were distributed on multiple platforms and the campaign was a big success not only because it reached ~1.98 lakh employees, generating a huge amount of engagement, but it also built synergy across the Group.

Hindalco's internal magazine 'Dilasa' boosted employee morale during the pandemic

When disaster hits, you have your back. That was the idea that Team TIC and Hindalco wanted to uphold when they started the weekly newsletter in the wake of Covid-19, reassuring employees that all was not lost and that they were not alone. TIC worked with the client to make the newsletter a resounding success with a very high readership.

Hindalco's internal magazine

Sanofi's switch to enterprise social network 'Yammer' increased viewership tremendously

When Sanofi made the switch from their intranet to internal communication tool - Yammer, TIC had to rework the communication strategy and create new content that had to be attention grabbing and keep employees motivated during the pandemic. The visual and short- form content was a big hit with employees and the platform saw a significant rise in engagement


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It is the exchange of information between employees in an organization, including communication from top management, among team members and between departments.

An agency has the experience and expertise to plan strategic and creative ways to engage your employees as well as the tools to measure and analyse its effectiveness.

To keep employees informed, engaged, motivated, collaborative and aligned with the organization's goals.

Email, intranet, newsletters, social media platforms, blogs, authored articles, mailers, case studies and presentations are some of the commonly used channels.

Happily engaged employees are more productive and loyal to the company; more passionate and creative about their work and more likely to put in their best effort at the workplace.

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We are strategic. We are creative. We are cutting-edge.

What we're not, is just another digital marketing agency. We are The Information Company. Where strategic content meets creative design with cutting-edge technology every day. For some of India's top businesses. For the last 24 years. And counting.

Our creations aren't restricted to one medium; rather, they cover the entire gamut – from digital to audio-visual, print to IT and strategy to consultancy services. And it's a top-notch team of technologists, designers, writers, editors, programmers and project managers that make it all happen.

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