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The balance of offline-versus-online working is shifting back to offline

The Covid-19 pandemic caused lockdowns, and social distancing and compelled people to work from home, and we are only now beginning to recover from it. So, offices are opening up, very cautiously, and people are at last able to meet one another face to face while taking precautions like masking and maintaining distances.

We still need to collaborate with people in other locations; so the online collaboration tools of the past two years will remain very useful. But now we need to see how to bring the same safety as well as efficiency to our offline work as we have to done by working entirely in the Cloud. We have the perfect solution.

As people begin to work from their offices again, after many months of being forced into the isolation of working from home, the balance of offline-versus-online working is shifting back to the offline.

Also, people have so accustomed to the ease of interacting online for routine exchange of documents and discussions that these things will continue. And that suits the need to reduce physical interaction as a precaution against infection from the Covid menace, which has not gone away entirely.

Intranet in and out of the Cloud – the virtual office

The Organyze Digital Office (O-D-O) is an all-in-one digital office platform that brings a new efficiency to the practice of working from home. It gives users great flexibility while working together:

  •  go online only when you need to interact with others;
  •  else, work offline;
  •  upload and share what needs to be shared;
  •   keep other stuff offline.

You can use O-D-O to upload business documents (e.g., bills, vouchers, reminders for tax payments) as well as interesting and useful links to online content and internal documents you need to share online.

O-D-O archives files routinely; so even if some users delete some files by mistake and O-D-O helps them retrieve those files easily. The system also maintains versions of files, so you can go back and find stuff you deleted, and later regretted doing that.

The big advantage in communicating through O-D-O is that you get all your relevant communication in one place and you can access colleagues and content as easily as if you were working out of the office, even when you are not in the office.

You can also have one-on-one internet voice calls with people, you can arrange online video conferences with colleagues, business associates, and people in potential customer organizations.

You can use a virtual private network (VPN), or even a local area network (LAN) when some people, or all of them, are working in the office – and then go online to the Cloud to communicate with colleagues or associates in other locations.

This ready-to-install intranet can be set up and be ready to use in a week or less. Complete with all that you need to run your office virtually. Check out the many amazing features the Organyze Digital Office comes equipped with:

ORGANYZE Digital Office - Some screenshots

O-D-O also offers you Informachine, a powerful tool for tracking business information. Informachine saves links from the websites you are interested in, and then helps you get exactly what you need whenever you need it, with the minimum of effort.

For more information or a demo, please call on +91 80974 44404. You may also fill up the enquiry form here.

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Pricing Plan A - One-Time - application price in USD in INR
Organyze Digital Office - 5 user license
(Includes Organyze Sync & Organyze Backup)
$ 5,849 ₹ 398,804
Additional user $ 73.33 ₹ 5,000
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Pricing plan B - Annual subscription - without server

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Pricing Plan C - Annual subscription - including 25Gb/user space with server
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