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Internal and external. For employees, customers, investors, media, et al.

Some specialise in internal communication. Others in external. Us? We do both. Equally well. From intranets, TV monitors, digital posters and town halls for your employees to websites, social media and BTL activities to engage your customers. Plus: mobile apps, digital magazines, e-newsletters, newsreels and print magazines, for employees, customers, and others.


Consultation. Thinking for you.

Communication without strategy is like a body without a soul. That is why we do more than simply execute communication strategies for our clients; we also design strategies ourselves, based on clients’ objectives and requirements. Our clients value our advice and we value their faith in us.


The right message. Structured, polished, perfected.

It's not just about getting the message across. It's about getting the right message across. To the right audience. Through the right medium. In the right tone of voice. Our editorial team is among the best, and we work with you from concept to delivery to get the message right. Every time.

  •  Original Content Generation
  •  Editing, Proofing
  •  Infographics
  •  Translations

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Online. Ahead of the times.

The internet is undeniably the most powerful marketing and communication tool of our times. And nobody understands this medium better than us – we have worked with this medium since 1999. Probably why our clients prefer us over other web-related consulting, design, software and content providers. Probably also why we've been providing these services to some of India's leading companies for two decades now. View our portfolio

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Social media

Trending. Our social media strategy.

Social media is so much more than creating a page on a popular networking site. It's creating a customised strategy for your brand, digital collateral for your communication, engaging with people over multiple channels, synchronising your online activity with offline events and analysing the engagements. Just some of the services we offer our clients to keep their brands and products buzzing online.

  •  Strategy
  •  Planning
  •  Content
  •  Managing, monitoring and analytics
  •  Blogs

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Power of voice. Impactful brand stories. Must-have in your communication portfolio.

Podcasts harness the power of voice and take the brand and corporate communication to a whole new level. They help you engage with a new and more dynamic audience and become a part of conversations that matter to them. Podcasts also offer convenience of an audio platform for an audience that is on the go.


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Adding value. From planning to production.

They say print will never go out of style. You can see that already with the resurgence of sales of printed books worldwide. For design, content and production of corporate brochures, books, or any other print publication really, our experience in journalism, management, marketing and communication helps us deliver publications that add value to your collateral.

  •  Magazines
  •  Brochures
  •  Annual reports
  •  Manuals
  •  Coffee table books
  •  Posters
  •  Marketing collateral
  •  Books

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Stories. Brought to life.

What better way to communicate your message than by using digital technologies to have lively conversations with your audience? Our knowhow in content, design and software, combined with our insights into business needs and an understanding of global best practices and various audiences has helped us create what our clients have described as “truly spectacular” corporate videos.

  •  Event coverage
  •  Corporate films
  •  Explainer videos
  •  Interviews
  •  Brand and marketing videos
  •  HR videos
  •  Animated films

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Always at the edge. The cutting edge.

ASP.net, MVC, open source. You name it, we've got it. And we've even developed our own tools and social engagement models such as contest engine, live chat, discussion forums, blogs, opinion polls, content and campaign management systems for websites and intranets. Just some of the technologies that separate us from the rest. And this is not counting our software products, one of which has received a US patent.

  •  Design technologies
  •  ASP.net MVC
  •  Core PHP
  •  PHP-Drupal
  •  Wordpress
  •  Smart content


Multi-lingual services. One agency.

The world is growing smaller. Companies are growing bigger, and expanding to new territories. Language cannot remain a barrier. That is why we provide translations of our content in most Indian and international languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

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