Why partner with TIC as your Content Marketing Services Agency?


Creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content is at the core of content marketing. In a multi-channel world, it is the most effective way to meaningfully connect with your stakeholders — consumers, employees, media, industry bodies, and the government.

Effective content marketing is data-driven and has the ability to cater to information needs of your audience. It brings a fresh new perspective, provides solutions to problems, has the ability to emotionally connect with the audience, sparks conversations, and is shareworthy. The right agency partner can help you breathe life to your brand through storytelling.

The Information Company (TIC) has been living and breathing content for more than two decades. We are a content marketing agency whose foundations were built by top-notch journalists. Till date, our strategy and operations are run by veteran wordsmiths.

TIC has silently worked with some of the most iconic brands in India to tell their stories, not just once but time and again, through the two decades of our existence. So much so that TIC has become synonymous with content creation marketing. Corporate Storytellers. That’s how we like to identify ourselves.

Over the years, we have built strong capabilities in delivering content of every conceivable type to fit all your branding/marketing/communications requirements.

Here’s an indicative list of the content assets we can help write, create, edit, proofread, optimize:

Authored articles

From the voice of corporate brand to the voice of leadership, TIC delivers high quality content, that is engaging, accurate and consistent. These authored articles for senior management of some corporates have helped them build their thought leadership and connect well with their stakeholders on a wide range of subjects. It is our 20+ years of experience that gives us the genuine business sense and communication expertise to support the industry leaders in writing well thought out authored articles for them.

We write authored articles for clients across industries such as automotive, aviation, chemical, consumer products, energy, engineering, IT, insurance, oil & gas, pharma, mining, manufacturing and infrastructure.


What is that one platform for any company to connect with all its stakeholders, interact with them, connect like-minded enthusiasts and help newcomers learn about that specific arena? It’s the blog. We help create and maintain the most exciting or intellectual blogs (and also vlogs) for our clients spread across sectors. Whether it is entertainment or technology we do it all. We are prolific too – creating close to three dozen blogs every month.

Website content

Where do investors, clients, prospective customers, employees, and the world around search for details of any firm or individual? The website. We have helped some of the big corporate houses design their websites and intranets, put up powerful content on it and further optimise it to meet their defined objectives.

Our content is resourceful, contemporary and global which makes the websites look fresh and relevant over the time too. Making every page search-engine friendly and informative, our writers and editors craft out just the right copy thus helping facilitate engagement with target audience.

Tata Group, Tata Trusts, Tata Motors, Ambuja Cement Foundation, Century Enka, Datamatics, Hindalco, Priya Cement, Suzlon and Diageo are just some of our esteemed clients who we have developed website content for.


Data information plays a huge role in how information is presented and consumed by users. Here content becomes data-centric and visualisation focussed. The result is easy-to-absorb and easy-to-remember content. We make content effective by writing compelling text, and presenting it in an efficient and visually pleasing manner. Thus helping most of our clients incorporate infographics in their day-to-day communication and reach out to their target audience more effectively.


Campaigns on social media attract the desired result if the messages are well conceptualised, implemented and communicated. Whether the campaign is to showcase business achievements, announce a product launch or an event, highlight business achievement, call out to stakeholders or any other, we have helped some big corporates put in the right words to their thoughts thereby building effective campaigns on well-known social media platforms.

Aditya Birla group, Tata Motors, Cipla India, Godrej Design Dekko, and Fino Paytech are some of our esteemed clients under this category.

Video scripts

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million. Not surprising that content in video format has become the most effective way to narrate a story. Be it explainer, animated, VFX, event, HR videos or corporate films, our expert content writers match it up in line with the theme and the required pitch.

Aditya Birla Group, Tata Sons, Arshiya , Fino PayTech, Asian Paints, Ultratech and Hindalco are our some of the organisations we work with for videos.

Feature stories

Want to tell a story? As corporate storytellers, we can write the story you want. Our expertise lies drawing up the story brief, meeting people, getting first-hand information, conducting our own subject related research, conducting face-to-face interviews and making field visits to create original content. This helps us put up the finest story that truly depicts the scenario. Be it business, community, employee-related stories or any other, we have done it all.

TIC’s capability of passionately executing such projects has earned itself clients such as Tata Sons, Aditya Birla, Godrej and Tata Trusts along the journey.

Annual reports

With 20+ years of experience in helping corporates better their communication strategy and platforms, we have an apt understanding of business under various sectors and their communication needs. It is this experience that aids us come up with appropriate themes and story line for annual reports. Putting up theme-based, comprehensive, well-structured and creative content for non-statutory pages has been one of the gratifying assignments at TIC.

TIC crafts out the annual reports content with great astute. Sanofi India, Cipla, ACC, Tata Trusts, Tata Chemicals and Tata Motors are some of our esteemed clients for whom we have developed annual reports.

And here are some examples of how we helped some of our clients meet their business goals through content:

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Still thinking why TIC? Here are some more reasons for you to consider:

  •  Client-first approach
  •  Content in our DNA – we think, live, breathe content
  •  Ability to create content in any format that you need
  •   Top-notch content creators/strategists/marketers in the team
  •   Good mix of content contributors in the team – journalistic, editorial, copywriting, digital, proofreading
  •  Advanced SEO techniques to keep you on top of search rankings through content
  •  Award-winning projects under the belt

Grow your following. Improve engagement. Up your conversions.

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