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In these times of the pandemic, work from home (WFH) has become the norm for most of us. We need to collaborate with colleagues based in many different locations and that can be a challenge. To ensure efficiency as well as continuity and security in our work processes, we have the perfect solution.

Intranet in and out of the Cloud – the virtual office

The Organyze Digital Office (O-D-O) is an all-in-one digital office platform that brings a new efficiency to the practice of working from home. Because it gives users great flexibility while working together on a common platform:

  •  go online only when you need to interact with others;
  •  else, work offline;
  •  upload and share what needs to be shared;
  •  keep other stuff offline.

You can use a virtual private network (VPN), or even a local area network (LAN) when some people, or all of them, are working in the office – and then go online to the Cloud to communicate with colleagues or associates in other locations.

You can use Organyze Digital Office to upload business documents (e.g., bills, vouchers, reminders for tax payments) as well as interesting and useful links to online content and internal documents you need to share online.

Organyze Digital Office archives files even if some users delete them by mistake and helps them retrieve those files afterwards. The system also maintains versions of files, so you can go back and find stuff you deleted, only to regret it later.

The big advantage in communicating through the Organyze Digital Office is that you get all your relevant communication in one place and you can access colleagues and content as easily as if you were working out of the office.

You can also have one-on-one internet voice calls with people, you can arrange online video conferences with colleagues, business associates, and even decision makers in potential customer organisations.

With over a decade of experience in building very large intranets for some of the top business houses in India, TIC has had the privilege of being involved right from the thinking stage to implementation and monitoring of intranets for many companies, big and small. Insights gained over these years of user participation is one of our biggest assets, besides our design and content creation capabilities.

This ready-to-install intranet can be set up and be ready to use in a week or less. Complete with all you need to run your office virtually. Check out the many amazing features the Organyze Digital Office comes equipped with:

ORGANYZE Digital Office - Some screenshots

  • The Organyze Digital Office also offers you Informachine, a powerful tool for tracking business information that saves links from the websites you are interested in, and then helps you get exactly what you need whenever you need it. With the minimum of effort you ensure you get vital business information exactly when you need it. Check it out here

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