Voice has the power to invoke emotions and bring people together and, it has proved to be an impactful tool to narrate stories that build your brand. Just like the power of brand messaging on radio, now we have podcasts!

Podcasts harness the power of voice and take brand and corporate communication to a whole new level. They help you engage with a new and more dynamic audience and become a part of conversations that matter to them. Podcasts offer the convenience of an audio platform for an audience that is on the go. In fact, India is expected to have 90 million podcasts listeners by 2021* and the number could grow 57% annually.

Which is why podcasts are slowly becoming a preferred media for brand and corporate communication.

At TIC, we have recognised this shift and stepped up to offer our clients podcasts as a strategic component of the content strategy.

Our podcasts capabilities cover end-to-end podcasts creation—content strategy, scripting, production and post-production, distribution and marketing.

What more? We have our very own podcast hosting platform! It was developed in-house to offer our clients an intuitive solution that makes podcasts management, tracking and analysis easy. This platform is also integrated with an RSS feed for effective distribution of the podcast.

For TIC, our podcast offering is a natural extension of our communication capabilities. We create successful communication strategies and content assets for some of India's biggest corporate brands. We cater to different generations – boomers, Gen X, millennials, and now Gen Z. This content creation experience coupled with our technological expertise gives us an advantage over other content and digital agencies. Our clients, too, trust us because of our experience and expertise in conveying brand messages with impact and appeal.

Want to listen to a podcast we have created? Write to us at and we will be more than happy to share it with you.

*Source : inc42.com, Forbes India

Curious to know 'How did this become a thing'? Listen to our latest podcasts.


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