Why choose TIC as your UX/UI design partner?

Investing in a well-functioning website can boost your business and give you an edge over the competition. While there are multiple elements that go into building a high-performance website, User Experience (UX) research is the first step and the most critical one. This step involves understanding and empathising with your target audience and creating an immersive User Interface (UI) design based on the UX study to engage your target audience.

Why is UX important for your website?

  •  UX design is a process that involves creating meaningful experiences for users on your website that are most conducive to the success of your business.
  •  A UX study can help your business get a clearer understanding of its users, thus enabling you to create designs that are relevant for them. For a website to be successful, its UI must be designed with the target audience in mind.

Signs your website needs a UX/UI revamp

  •  The structure of the website is not intuitive, and users have trouble finding what they need
  •  The analytics show that your users drop off quickly
  •  There are broken links
  •  There has been a reduction in sales or page visits
  •  Website is not optimised for mobile devices
  •  Website takes too long to load
  •  The content on your website is incorrect or outdated

Why TIC?

TIC has been a leading digital agency since 1999 with prestigious UX/UI projects under its belt, including NIIT University's new mobile-first website and Godrej Group's acclaimed food blog Vikhroli Cucina, which won an Afaqs Digies award in 2020 for Best UI/UX Website.

We adopt our systematic tried-and-tested 5D approach to give your website a UX/UI makeover. Here is a breakdown of how we work:

  •  DEFINE – Defining Goals
    Our first step is to clearly understand your organisation's goals as well as your goals for your new website.
  •  DISCOVER – Discovering Users
    We then study your target audience to understand their goals, personas, and expectations.
  •  DERIVE – Deriving Information Architecture
    We lay out a structure for your new website so that every page and element within it is positioned strategically.
  •  DESIGN & DEVELOP – Design and Development
    This core process involves the creation of lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes in line with our UX strategy, content creation, and CMS development.
  •  DEPLOY – Deploying Website
    Before going live, we complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to test functionality and usability.

Here is an example of how we helped clients offer seamless user journeys to their stakeholders.

How TIC went about revamping Godrej Group's food blog initiative — Vikhroli Cucina

Project: To revamp an ordinary food blog to make it interactive and reflect brand messaging.

Challenges: Originally, the website lacked user interaction and personalisation. There was no networking or monetisation feature either which would allow Godrej to stand out as a brand.

Brief: Godrej wanted to turn their blog into a collaborative online platform for food brands, chefs, bloggers, influencers, and food enthusiasts. They also wanted to use this site to promote its own food brands.

Our approach: Our 5D approach involved clearly defining the client's short-term and long-term goals for the website. We held several interviews with stakeholders and conducted focus group discussions to understand our target audience better. We audited and benchmarked other leading food blogs. We created an intuitive and user-friendly information architecture before starting work on the wireframes and onboarding journey.

Impact: Our UX revamp was a success with the users increasing by over 316%, pageviews increasing by 189%, and total sessions increasing by 250%. Moreover, this new award-winning platform received praise from several leaders in the food and hospitality industry for being a first-of-its-kind platform offering collaboration along with an intuitive user experience.

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Do you wish to create unified user journey for your clients too. Reach out to us.

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