5 Ways Design Can Improve Your Content
Marketing Strategy


The best content marketing agencies in India, and across the globe, know that design plays an equally important role in a brand's communication strategy as good content. In fact, content writing services are incomplete without design services along with it, because effective content design helps to make your content more attractive, more memorable and more powerful. At TIC, we have honed our skills and best practices in UX and visual storytelling infographics through years of working with top brands.

Here are some ways that a content marketing agency that offers visual content marketing can do wonders for your brand:

1. Get identified easily:

Every brand has a visual identity that sets it apart from others. Your logo, colours, imagery, font etc. all contribute to building your distinctive brand, a unique UX/UI for your audience. When a content marketing agency combines design elements with your brand's unique tone of voice and writing style, it enhances your brand identity in the eyes of the consumer. Using a consistent visual style across all your content is one of the most effective content design tips – whether website, social media posts, print or video, it helps the audience to recognize your brand more easily, forming a long-lasting emotional connection with them.

2. Get the story home:

Ever heard of the saying 'a picture can speak a thousand words'? It's true. An agency that offers complete content marketing services will craft a well-designed narrative that uses elements like infographics, charts, graphics etc. to turn an otherwise data-heavy piece of content into a compelling story. In fact, even the colours you use can influence the way the audience consumes your content. For e.g. to tell a story of excitement and urgency, use warm colours like red and orange. To evoke reassuring and trusting emotions, tell your story with colours like blue and green.

3. Get them hooked:

Research has proven time and again that people prefer pictures over words. If you want your audience to read your content, then first capture their attention using visuals. Content writing services should include eye-catching graphics, bold colours, and high-quality imagery that are more likely to engage your audience than the plain written word. Visual storytelling is a great way way to appeal to your audience. And in this age of information overload, your brand needs to look and sound different from the plethora of brands available to your consumer. Content marketing services that include design will help you do that to achieve higher conversion rates.

4. Get more 'Likes':

It's every brand's dream to go viral on social media. Some of the top content writing agencies in India can help you to make that dream come true. When content is visually appealing even as it resonates, your audience is more likely to share it on their social media handles. When content is smartly designed to interact with the audience, such as in the form of quizzes, polls, surveys and competitions, it not only encourages active participation but also the desire to share the results, which in turn will organically increase your online brand visibility.

5. Get mobile-friendly:

The use of mobile phones has increased so drastically that agencies that offer content marketing services are now using content creation techniques to format content that is mobile-first while also optimized for other devices and browsers. Design plays a crucial role in crafting the best UX/UI for a mobile-first experience, not just to create an easy-to-use, aesthetic interface for the user but also to ensure smooth access and functioning. A good content marketing agency will have a team of experts who specialize in designing for great UX/UI.

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