Podcast a spell and weave magic into
your brand story


Folk tales tell us that casting a spell is no easy task. Ultimately, it all comes down to the right tone, the right pitch and the exact words to create magic. Well, that holds true for podcasts also. It is safe to say that voice content does have the power to change the world in almost magical ways.

In the past few years, the rise in voice applications has changed our digital experiences. Voice search, voice navigation and voice assistants have made our life easier in several ways. Today, brands are taking voice experiences to the next level by leveraging voice-based content to strike a deeper emotional connection with audiences. The growth in this new digital medium can be seen in the rising popularity of podcasts which are a big hit among Gen Z audiences.

It's time for companies to explore the full potential of podcasts beyond consumer brands. Podcasts can play a very effective role in building corporate narratives and cultural storytelling. Here's how organisations can cast spells with podcasts.

Create brand narratives and tell success stories

There's so much more to brands and organisations than their products and services. Their growth stories, legacy and history and anecdotes are full of untapped potential that can effectively bring the brand closer to people. And podcasts because of their innate nature, help in evocative narration humanising the brand and building trust and goodwill among its audience.

Build thought leadership

No corporate communication strategy is successful unless it builds thought leadership. Brands can use podcasts to create conversations around their products and services. Talking about innovation and technology, business and product can help showcase the organisation's technical know-how and domain expertise that sets it apart from its peers and competitors. Podcasts can help the brand reach a wider audience creating curiosity and intrigue about the brand.

Interview leaders

Management leaders are the brand's biggest ambassadors. Brands can benefit immensely through podcasts with leadership interviews that help open up the company culture to current and prospective employees. Leaders can talk about business strategy, and product innovation, comment on industry trends and even discuss their success mantras. These podcasts have stakeholders beyond employees -- investors, government and regulatory bodies often look to such interviews as it gives them a pulse of the business and the organisation.

Effective internal communication

Internal communication is often limited to emailers, newsletters and posters which show little scope to engage with employees. Podcasts can help transform one-way communication and take employee engagement to the next level. After all, images and text can be visually exciting, but voice lends that crucial human touch to the stories. Brands can invite employees to share personal stories that reflect the brand's purpose. Podcasts are also a useful tool to reiterate the brand vision and mission and communicate the complexities and nuances behind policies. Moreover, given the large number of companies that continue in WFH or hybrid modes, podcasts are a very effective tool to engage remote workers.

It's time to fully harness the power of voice in communication strategies.

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