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We are strategic. We are creative. We are cutting-edge.

What we're not, is just another digital marketing agency. We are The Information Company. Where strategic content meets creative design with cutting-edge technology every day. For some of India's top businesses. For the last 24 years. And counting.

Our creations aren't restricted to one medium; rather, they cover the entire gamut – from digital to audio-visual, print to IT and strategy to consultancy services. And it's a top-notch team of technologists, designers, writers, editors, programmers and project managers that make it all happen.

board members

Six people steer this agency in the right direction, define its vision and exemplify its values. And their extensive experience in journalism, academia and finance doesn't hurt either.
TIC board members and management team'
Kiron Kasbekar (standing), Smarajit Dey, Anjali Mathur, Shama A Kasbekar, Sushil Khanna (seated from left to right)
Anjali Mathur
Chairperson and Managing Director, TIC

Anjali has been a resident editor of The Sunday Observer and the executive editor of Gentleman magazine. She is also a founding member of the Network of Women in Media.

Kiron Kasbekar
Director, TIC; Chairman and Managing Director, Informachine; Chairman and Managing Director, Organyze

Former editor of prominent dailies like The Economic Times and The Times of India, Kiron has successfully led TIC through the dot-com bust and the 2009 slowdown.

Sushil Khanna

An advisor to the State Planning Board of Kerala and a professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Sushil has been mentoring TIC through the company's remarkable journey.

Smarajit Dey

The founder of NIIT Online Learning Ltd., Smarajit is a consultant with a specialisation in education and IT services.

Shama A Kasbekar
Director and President

Shama handles a wide array of responsibilities like managing key clients, devising strategies for growth and driving various HR initiatives, all with equal competence and finesse.

Shubha Madhukar
Director and President

Shubha has two decades of experience in consulting top corporate brands. She has been one of the key architects in building client relationships and in devising strategies for organisational growth.

Afaqs! Digies Awards 2023

Afaqs! Digies Awards 2023

Two more shiny trophies in our kitty again! Elated to have won GOLD and a SILVER awards at the Afaqs! Digies Awards 2023. Gold for TIC's original podcast series 'How Did This Become a Thing' and Silver for the NIIT University website design and development project under 'Best UI/UX website' category.


We also build software that build businesses

Organyze.com: Organyze, a US-patented document management system, is a handy friend for those bad days when you can't find the files you need. Simple and practical, Organyze helps you locate and access all the important files on your machine, LAN or file server, ensuring ease and efficiency no matter where you are.

Informachine.com: An information management system so revolutionary, that it will make you do a double take! Informachine.com revolutionises the way you carry out your online research. By tracking websites of your choice, downloading fresh content to your server and managing them, the cutting-edge system helps you save hours of managerial time and expenses daily.


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