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How TIC Helped Godrej Transform a Food Blog
Top-notch Publishing Platform with a 2500% Increase
in Traffic

About the Client: The Godrej Group is one of India's most respected business conglomerates. Revenues of over USD 4.1 billion and a global consumer base of 1.1 billion make the Group a high-performing business organisation. From aerospace and defence, appliances, food and agriculture, chemicals, to financial services, engineering, home & personal care, security solutions and real estate, the Group's business spans a wide spectrum of industries.

The Client Need

The Godrej Group started hosting a blog called 'Vikhroli Cucina' in 2015 to establish the brand's association with the world of food. The platform was successful in attracting a lot of relevant traffic to it. Food influencers, bloggers, food enthusiasts, chefs, home chefs, media, and hospitality students flocked to consume the content published by Vikhroli Cucina.

Five years down the line, the team at Godrej, felt the need to transform Vikhroli Cucina from a one-way publishing blog to a more expansive publishing platform, where the blog's content consumers would also become active content contributors and the website would attract a larger audience.

The target audience would remain the same: food influencers, bloggers, food enthusiasts, chefs, home chefs, media, and hospitality students.

The intent was to take Vikhroli Cucina to the next level and in doing so, the brand would achieve the following strategic objectives:

  •  Give people in the food business space, something of great value
  •  Engage people from the food space in a more tangible manner
  •  Strengthen the association of brand Godrej with the food business and improve brand recall
  •  Enhance the reputation of brand Godrej as a thoughtleader in the food business

To achieve the brand's communication objectives, the team at Godrej, engaged their long-time content partner, TIC, to transform Vikhroli Cucina from a blog to a publishing platform.

Implementation Challenges

The transformation of a blog to a publishing site had its fair share of challenges:

  •  Creating a delightful digital experience for a diverse and disparate audience: The platform needed to create an intuitive and delightful digital experience for a diverse and disparate group of people ranging from celebrities to amateurs, and from the digitally-savvy to the digitally challenged. The platform also needed to engage users and encourage them to contribute content.
  •  Getting the right people for the UX/UI study: It was critical to identify and engage the right people from the target audience to conduct focus group discussions to get the UX/UI study right for the new site.
  •  Ensuring a steady content pipeline: The platform needed a smart content strategy to ensure that the pipeline would never dry up because now there were dependencies on users to generate content.
  •  Going live within a tight deadline: The site needed to go live within 15 weeks in time for an event.

The TIC Approach and Solution

TIC used its strategic 4D approach to discover client and audience needs, define personas and user journeys, draw up the content strategy, design and develop the site and finally measure the impact of the transformation. Here are some key highlights of our solution:

The tell-all UI/UX study: A comprehensive UI/UX study was conducted. The study involved focus group discussions with a cohort from the target audience. The real-world study was complemented with simulation studies done on the existing site. The results revealed the exact user journeys and their content needs that helped in creating personalised user experiences for each segment.

A fool-proof, smart content strategy: Content was the fuel that would keep the Vikhroli Cucina site alive and kicking. It was critical to develop a strategy to make sure that the content pipeline never dried up. Also, the content needed to be fresh, topical, interesting to all the visitors of the site with the ability to position Godrej as a thoughtleader in the food space.

Team TIC came up with an editorial strategy that included the following content pillars:

  •  Topical themes (e.g. seasons, festivals, year-end celebrations, Covid, etc)
  •  Food-related observance days (e.g. World Milk Day, World Chocolate Day, etc)
  •  Stories based on viral content
  •  Ideas that would align with food trends from the Godrej Food Trends Report
  •  News and press releases

The content ideas were then mapped to the various interests/sections developed from the UX/UI study and the user-generated content would be added to the calendar of ideas. Additionally, team TIC managed the bulk of content creation for the site.

The Results and Impact

After a rigorous two-month process of developing the strategy, creating the content, creating the designs and developing the technology, was launched in February 2020 at an event that had the who's who of the food world in attendance.

Within a year of its launch, Vikhroli Cucina has provided a thriving space for food brands, influencers, chefs, home chefs, bloggers and food lovers to engage and collaborate. Celebrated people from the food world who have associated with Vikhroli Cucina include Tara Deshpande, Chef Vicky Ratnani, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Chef Ranveer Brar, Kalyan Karmakar, Chef Varun Inamdar, Rakhee Vaswani, etc.

Here's a quick glance at some of the content that visitors have loved:

The website performance numbers have soared after the transformation validating the content and UI/UX strategy that was developed by TIC. Here's a look at the numbers:

  •  Website traffic has increased by a whopping 2500%
  •  Page Views have increased by 1500%

After the transformation, the platform has won two prestigious awards under Best UI/UX website categories at Afaqs Digies awards 2020 and Afaqs Marketers Excellence Awards 2021.

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Aditya Birla Group website

Project: Revamp the Aditya Birla Group Corporate Website


Create a website that reflects Aditya Birla Group’s values, ethos and ‘Big In Your Life’ persona. Showcase the Group’s future-forward, tech-savvy side while highlighting its compassionate approach towards stakeholder value creation and community building.



Creating a website that blends corporate values with brand messages for sectors ranging from cement and metals to fashion and apparel, entailed striking the right balance of design, content and messaging. The website also needed to meet current user experience expectations of communication and technology.


We took the approach of showcasing how the Group is big in consumers’ everyday lives. We narrated stories about the indispensable nature of Group’s brands and the reach of its community- building initiatives. An AI chatbot is integrated to facilitate two-way communication. Throughout the process, we were focused on showcasing the future-forward and innovation-led nature of the Group while upholding its values. The website was created in seven global languages to address stakeholders across the world.


The focus on wholesome user experience has resulted in high traffic levels and an engaged audience who is keen to know more about the brand and share its stories with others.

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Design Dekko website

Client: Godrej Interio

Project: – An online community for architects and interior designers


Create a first-of-its-kind platform for the architect and interior designer community to network, engage and collaborate. The platform should be visual, functional, community-centric, drive conversations and enable businesses to grow.


Building a thriving community of niche audience (architects and interior designers) that allows exchange of ideas was a novel task. We had to understand the needs and motivations of a highly informed audience to design a platform that they would find interesting to use.


The best way to build a successful community is to ask the target audience what they want. We did a UI/Ux study. We conducted surveys and spoke to many seasoned architects and interior designers to understand what they expected from a community like this. The study helped us create a content, design and engagement strategy that excites the target audience and ultimately drives more engagement. We developed the site using open source technology.


A cross between LinkedIn and Instagram,, within a year of its launch, has a thriving user base with many professionals regularly contributing to guest blogs. Brand Design Dekko is now well known within the design community with an increasing number of professionals showcasing their work and benefitting from the platform. Design Dekko has an active social media presence too.

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Ambuja cement website


Ambuja Cement, part of the global conglomerate LafargeHolcim, is among the leading cement companies in India, with a well-known and well-respected brand.


Ambuja Cement asked us to design and develop a world-class website that would show off its wide range of products, services, CSR initiatives, etc, and also serve as the go-to place for investors and other stakeholders for key information about the company’s activities.


We developed a website with a highly appealing look and design that highlighted the company’s reach and portfolio. The website content reflects the brand’s core values and its status in the Indian cement industry. Responsive, device-friendly, search engine-friendly, the new website has helped the company improve its engagement with customers, investors and other audiences.

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Godrej Vikhroli Cucina blog


The Godrej Group is among India’s leading and most trusted brands. With revenues of over USD 4.1 billion and touching 1.1 billion consumers globally, the Group spans businesses that include consumer goods, security solutions, appliances, real estate and agriculture, among others.


Godrej wanted to create an online platform that would bring together all its brands in the food category. This platform was to be a space where food brands, chefs, bloggers, influencers and food lovers could come together and collaborate for ideas. We suggested developing an exciting new food blog.


We designed and developed, a food blog that features new perspectives on food, cuisines, kitchen hacks, and India’s leading chefs and food bloggers. We have been managing the blog for three years and we keep it appealing with seasonal recipes, food trends and coverage of food events.

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Cipla blog


One of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in India, Cipla is present in 100 countries across the globe and offers over 150 world-class pharma products.


Cipla asked us to develop an impactful blog that would serve as the corporate voice of the company. The mandate involved developing a ‘wow’ design, intuitive and friendly UX/UI, and focused, shareable content. The blog design had to reflect Cipla’s legacy and be mobile-first and social media-friendly. The content had to reach out to a variety of stakeholders such as government, media, investors, industry influencers, doctors and consumers.


We developed a contemporary, uniquely-Cipla design that is highly visual and easy to navigate. We created categories to classify the blogs and thus deliver the right messaging to appeal to different audiences. We wrote blogs on behalf of Cipla leaders to help establish their voice online and build their personal brand. To make the content more social media friendly, we developed infographic-based blogs and videos. We also integrated a live Twitter feed into the blog, thus creating a single platform for Cipla’s corporate and social voice.

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