As data generated in organizations piles up, you need easier ways to find what you need.

Our products help you find what you need – in your machine, or in your network, or in the cloud, or, for that matter, fresh content on your preferred websites.

Our products also enable you to

  •  hold video conferences, chat, share documents,
  •  work together offline and on the Cloud in other ways,
  •  synchronize files and folders between machines and between the machines and the online space,
  •  get the latest news and other content from the Internet downloaded and saved for you in your area of choice,
  •  assure the security of your system
  •  and much more.

Improved productivity

Software that manages files and folders with automatic tagging, search, offline and online transfers and synchronization saves time and translates into improved productivity.

The software products we offer help do all that.

Software expertise

Our software division began developing web-related software back in 1999, and built software solutions for content management, marketing, sales, and HR for some of the biggest Indian business groups, besides creating websites and intranets for some of the biggest companies in the country and in some other countries.

Our work has included online recruitment systems, large enterprise intranets, content management systems, online community forums, performance appraisal systems, psychometric test tools , and other such means to improve work.

Our several software products are a crowning achievement on top of all the software services we have provided.

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