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Downloader’s dilemma

While searching for information …

We come across web pages, Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, videos, images or presentations, etc., which might not relate to the task at hand. And this is the dilemma we face:

We get side-tracked from our main task by opening several pages that are unrelated to the immediate task.

Result: Loss of productive time.

We let go of the information, ignore it, and move on.

Result: Loss of potentially valuable information.

With Grabber:

  •  We can copy the links we find interesting into a list of files to be downloaded later.
  •  As we build the list we can define where the files will get downloaded if and when we decide to download them.
  •  We ask Grabber to either hold some links in storage or download them all at one go while we get busy doing other work.
  •   We let Grabber do the work we would otherwise have to do. We turn our attention to more important work.


The Result

We can save/download a hundred files this way, or even more, improve productivity, and reduce stress.



Download from multiple websites

Queue up all kinds of files in a single queue – web pages, word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, videos and images, presentations … build the queue as and when you come across some new content on the Web, and Grabber download them.

Download from search engines.

With a built-in Google search engine, you can download selectively using check boxes and adding to your wish-list.

Download in different locations (folders/drives)

Grabber will download all the stuff in the different drives, folders and sub-folders you have pre-selected for the different files – in the background, while you get busy with doing some more serious work that truly requires your attention. Or just go for a stroll. Relax.


Pricing Plan A - One-time - application price in USD in INR
Organyze Grabber - Single user license $ 33.98 ₹ 2,999
Pricing Plan B - Annual
subscription - application price
in USD in INR
Organyze Grabber - Single user license ₹ 1,499
Introductory Offer $ 16.99 ₹ 1,199

* INR price excluding GST

For more information or a demo, connect with Sanjeev Thadani or call on +91 80974 44404. You may also fill up the enquiry form here.

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