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Those of us who need routine information inputs from the web that is relevant to our business needs – we all face a dilemma:

How much time can we really afford to spend on tracking information online? We need to focus on using information, not tracking a large number of web pages daily to see what might be new and might or might not be of interest to us.

This is where Informachine helps big.

Informachine can track the dozens or hundreds of websites you want tracked, continuously, automatically, every day. This information can be shared between team members with an in-built facility for discussion. It helps you save hours of time every day without missing anything.

We have explained elsewhere how Informachine helps people capture the information they want from exactly the websites they think are relevant – daily, continuously – without lifting a finger.

Now we are going one step further to help you.

You can buy rights to the Informachine software suite and place it entirely on your private servers – along with several terabytes of business information (news from many major publications around the world, content from corporate websites, videos from various sites, and more – for all your managers to access whenever they want. Under this plan, you can use Informachine's trackers to capture the latest updates on all the websites you need to track.

Click here to schedule a DEMO or get a 15-day trial subscription to Informachine Online to see how it works.

These are the other things Informachine lets you do:

  •  Find the information you need instantly – even months after it has been published – because Informachine automatically tags it all.
  •  Send you alerts on topics you are the most interested in.
  •  Share relevant news with colleagues.
  •   Hold online chats around the news.
  •  And, if you wish, you can attach your own personal tags to links (e.g., 'material for next Monday's conference'), depending on your personal needs.



Pricing plan - one-time - application price Pricing
Application price with database (3000+ sources with Industry-wise categorization done) – 50 and above users INR Pricing* ₹ 15,55,200
USD Pricing* $ 20,599
Note: You will save the cloud server cost and web source maintenance cost in this pricing


Cover all bases – combine Informachine and Organyze

The Cloud services of some of the biggest technology companies have been hacked recently, and the data of tens of thousands of companies have been compromised. If you are concerned about the safety (and cost) of placing a large volume of your organization's files in the Cloud, as you should be, given the frequent hacking of the world's biggest Cloud service providers, we have an option.

You can conduct most of your business on your own servers, offline or online, and use the Cloud for only a limited purpose.

This is why we have Organyze available in all the necessary configurations:

  •  Completely offline
  •  Completely online
  •  An offline-online hybrid .
  •   Any of these variations with the additional options of integrating Informachine and Organyze with them.


For more information or a demo, connect with Sanjeev Thadani or call on +91 80974 44404. You may also fill up the enquiry form here.

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* INR price excluding GST

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