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Website, intranets

We do it all: Our end-to-end customised web solutions include concept, design, content, hosting and management for websites, portals, payment gateways and intranets

Use words for maximum effect: We can help you to tweak your message and make it more effective in changing perceptions and enhancing your image. We can create premium content for all your needs

Get the message right: Our expertise in design and content will help you communicate attractively and effectively through books, magazines, journals, brochures and marketing collateral

Talk local: Speak the language of your customers with our translation services. We offer translations from and into all major Indian and world languages

Pep it up: Use our expertise in animation, videos, music, images, and graphics to create more attractive and effective corporate presentations, audio-visuals, e-books, e-newsletters and e-mailers

Make life simple: Our software products and tools help you to save time, reduce costs, and easily manage a wide range of business needs, including corporate planning, recruitment, and brand assets

Engage your audience: Leverage the power of the internet to capture the attention of your target audience and see your business grow exponentially

New @ TIC

Three special publications of the Tata group, which TIC helped to create, have been recognised with the Gold Quill Awards of the International Association of Business Communicators


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The best way to organize, retrieve, share, back up and synchronize files, folders and emails on your desktop or laptop

Find more time for productive work You could be plain busy - or even be on a holiday - while Informachine quietly tracks everything you want tracked, downloads it and organises it so you can get it when you need it.

Informachine finds, fetches, organises and lets you share knowledge. It allows you to focus on:

  • Reading instead of hunting
  • Sharing instead of monitoring
  • Discussing instead of searching
  • Analysing instead of downloading
  • Acting upon instead of organising

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