Why is TIC’s innovative digital magazine just the thing you need?


Under the ‘owned media’ gamut, almost every business today has a website and perhaps a blog too. Brands have been sending out newsletters through emails for years. And e-magazines have almost lost their sheen. In such a cluttered world where owned media is restricted to websites, blogs and newsletters, how can you stand out?

Enter Digital Magazines. An absolutely new and fresh ‘owned media’ approach that gives you a sharp competitive edge. A Digital Magazine adds credibility, tells your stories that are visually rich and memorable, is easy for your audience to access and read, is easy to share across platforms and devices, and most importantly, sets you apart. Not to forget that it strengthens your digital pursuits of discoverability, search rankings, engagement and conversions.

TIC has been a frontrunner in developing cutting-edge Digital Magazines - a seamless combination of content, design and technology that brings your brand alive. We have launched quite a few of such magazines, back-to-back, for leading brands in the last couple of years and our clients and their audiences have simply loved them.

If you are a brand that believes in the power of content marketing, storytelling and digital, our Digimag Platform is just the thing for you. As they say, it isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Here’s an indicative list of the kind of storytelling you can do with our Digimag Platform:

  •  Case studies and client stories
  •  Project feature stories
  •  Senior leadership interviews
  •  Point of view articles
  •   Industry reports
  •  Photo essays
  •  Employee success stories
  •  Business round-up
  •  News and announcements
  •  Events
  •   Awards and accolades

And here are some examples of how we helped some of our clients meet their business goals with our Digimag:

Read our case studies

Still thinking why TIC? Here are some more reasons for you to consider:

  •  Client-first approach
  •  Pioneering position in the Digimag space
  •  Indigenously developed, customizable platform that can be tailored to suit your brand and content needs
  •  Top-notch content creators/strategists/marketers in the team
  •  Good mix of content contributors in the team – journalistic, editorial, copywriting, digital, proofreading
  •  Advanced SEO techniques to keep you on top of search rankings through content

Be an early adopter. Stay ahead. Be unforgettable. Enhance your engagement. Up your conversions.

Just drop us a message on enquiry@ticworks.com. Or better still, call us at: +91 842 581 4016 / 17.