Haath Uthana Zaroori Hai
– The story behind Aditya Birla Group’s viral Women’s Day video

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, The Information Company (TIC) partnered with Aditya Birla Group to create a video that would promote Aditya Birla Group’s work culture of diversity and inclusion. The 1.25 min video – Haath Uthana Zaroori Hai – took an unusual and powerful route.

The Hindi phrase Haath Uthaoon Kya is typically associated with abuse and violence. TIC transformed this violence-associated message into an empowering one. The video shows women in everyday situations where they feel disregarded and ignored. In each case, they ask themselves Haath Uthaoon Kya (Should I raise my hand?)

The question the women ask themselves represents a thought that is common to all genders. Should I raise my hand, step forward, make myself heard, assert myself, not hold back? The video shows that the answer is always a resounding Yes!

Haath Uthana Zaroori Hai is our take on how women #ChooseToChallenge the biases they face practically every day. This authentic, shareworthy video is our solution for ABG that met the brief accurately – to cut through social media clutter on media-intensive days like International Women’s Day.

The video has found resonance across social media platforms and has collected lakhs of views and likes, surpassing all expectations.

The entire project was executed in about ten days, in the face of very tight deadlines and in full compliance with Covid safety restrictions. The project was possible only because of the incredible support and help provided by the entire ABG team – from senior leaders down to the security staff.

What we are especially proud of is that Haath Uthana Zaroori Hai is a message that relates to each and every one of us.

Watch the video here:

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